The Fintelli app that is going to save your money for free

The app that is going to save your money for free

Get a complete picture of your financial life with all your accounts in one place.

Why should I use Fintelli?

If you are not happy with the mobile banking app of your Bank
If you are tired of using complex multiple mobile banking apps to manage your accounts
If you are self-employed and want to use just one app to track your business and personal expenses
If you want to keep tabs on your spending, then you can analyse spending based on category, merchant and many other ways
If you find it hard to keep track of your subscriptions and their renewal
If you are unable to keep track of how much your bank charges you for an account
If you are looking for a flexible way to manage your weekly, monthly and annual budgets
If you have accounts in multiple currencies
If you are looking for an easy way to manage your receipts
If you want to access your financial information from multiple devices

Key Features


One App for Personal & Business use. Manage different types of accounts (e.g. Personal and Business) in different spaces using one app

Budget Planning

Flexible budgeting based your payday, calendar month and calendar year. Budget by category or group multiple categories

Banks Connectivity


Custom Categories

Bills & Subscriptions

Balance History




Never miss a transaction again

Fintelli can make it easier to keep track of all your transactions. It automatically categorises transactions and lets you split them into different categories, so that the information is organised just how you want it!

Fintelli never miss transaction

Analyse your spending by category, merchant or tag

You can analyse you spending either based on month or your payday and get a clear view of your spending on grocery, shopping, takeaway, fuel, utilities, bills and many more categories. You will exactly know how many times you enjoyed a meal from your favourite…

Get your spending under control

Track your income and expenditure easily with a budget that's the perfect fit for you! Choose from monthly, weekly or annual Budgets to make sure every penny counts

Fintelli get your spending under control

Supporting all major UK banks.
Many more coming soon.

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