Save money with Fintelli, your Financial Intelligence

Fintelli makes money management easy and interesting, so you develop the habit of keeping your finances in order and making money while doing so. Fintelli empowers you to manage your money with financial intelligence.

Say no to Overspending

Say no to Overspending

With budgeting and spending analysis by Merchants and Categories, you will know when to say no to those temptations

Fintelli app features
No more Forgotten Subscriptions

No more Forgotten Subscriptions

You always stay on top of your recurring bills. Cancel them when you don't need them or switch to a better deal.

Is my Bank fair? Use Fintelli app

Is my Bank fair?

Always keep sight of how much your bank charges you? Are you using their services? Are they worth it?

At your fingertips with Fintelli app

At your fingertips

With receipts, transaction tags, notes and other analytics, say Goodbye to your notebooks and spreadsheets.

No more switching between apps to manage accounts

A single place for everything financial, with easy-to-spot features such as recent transactions at a glance

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Plan Budgets the way you want

Fintelli gives you a view of your spending habits over time, and makes it easy to find where your money is going. Whether you're trying to stick to a budget or just curious about where your money goes each month, Fintelli has got you covered. We understand that not all expenses fall under same budget period, so you can manage budgets based on your Payday, calendar month and calendar year.

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Keep track of all your bills & subscriptions

View information about each of your bill/subscriptions, such as when it started, how long it's been active, and more. This makes it easy to stay aware of the full history of your bill/subscription and ensure that you're getting the most out of it.

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Insightful analytics from every transaction

Take your finances to a whole new level. Gain unparalleled insight into your balance and transactions with our interactive visualisations.

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You can analyse based on payday or month

You can setup your payday and then analyse your spending based on either your pay period or monthly basis. If you get paid on a weekly basis and manage some expenses on weekly basis (e.g. Grocery) and some on a monthly basis (e.g. Rent), then you can easily switch between payday and monthly views.

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Multi-Currency & Multi-Category

No more currency conversions. Connect your GBP, USD, EUR and CHF accounts and analyse your balances and spending in a single currency. We understand that not all transactions have a single category. To get clarity of your spending, you can split a transaction into as many categories you want.

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One App for Personal & Business use

If you are self-employed and use one of your personal account for business purpose, then you can create a new space to connect your business account and keep its analytics separate from your personal accounts. Spaces are not just intended for Personal vs Business split, so don't bound your imagination. Use spaces as they suit you.

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